Why are Lions the King of the Jungle? Top Reasons

There are a few reasons why lions take the king of the jungle title. Some of the main ones include:

1. Raw Power

There is no doubt that lions are impressively strong. These beasts can take down almost any animal in the wild when they want.
A lion weighs around 330 pounds, which is quite large. And when it charges at an animal, its speed and force are unmatched. Lions will reach top speeds of up to 50 mph when pursuing prey.
Also, it exerts around 650 psi bite force and can comfortably lift around 2,300 pounds. And that’s not all! A lion’s paw swipe is one of the strongest, delivering a force of around 400 lbs.
Now, that’s quite strong.
This raw strength gives lions a clear advantage over other animals in the wild. They don’t have to worry about being preyed on by other predators. In fact, lions don’t have natural enemies, except hyenas which mostly prey on their cubs.

2. Fearlessness and Courage

Lions do not fear any animal in the wild. While it’s certainly not the largest animal, it bravely is incredible.
This aspect allows the lion to hunt almost every animal in its habitat. It can hunt small prey like gazelles, average ones like zebras and wildebeests, or even larger ones like buffalos and giraffes.
Generally, lions hunt in groups known as the pride. The pride is usually made up of around 15 lions, though there can be more or fewer. The hunting squad mainly comprises female lions (lionesses), who are like the pride’s breadwinners.
The size and strength of the lion give it a clear upper hand over most prey it goes after. And since these animals hunt as a group, they become even more fearless.

3. Leadership and Social Structure

Unlike many other animals, lions are pretty social animals. They can live in pride of up to thirty individuals. But within the pride, there is a clear social hierarchy, with one dominant lion as the king of the pride.
This leadership and social structure give lions an edge over other animals. It ensures that the group works together to take down prey and survive in the wild.
The male lion maintains order and offers security for the pride. While the females perfect their hunting skills, the male lazes behind. It acts as the source of protection for the group, ensuring the pride’s continuity.
The alpha male will fight any male that tries to take over his pride. And if a new male does manage to take over, he will kill all the cubs in the pride. This allows him to mate with the females and produce his own cubs.
Infant killings are quite common with several other animals. It is among the cruelest acts against other animals. However, lions will always try to create a new generation to maintain their bloodlines.

4. The Mighty Roar

A lion’s roar is the loudest among all the cats. It’s pretty loud, such that it can reach up to 114 decibels. When a lion roars, you can hear the roar even if you are 5 miles away. This is one aspect that helps it instill fear in other animals.
The lion’s roar is that loud because it has a unique larynx and hyoid apparatus. This allows the animal to make a much louder sound than other animals.
The roar can also help it communicate with other lions over long distances. That way, if a group of lions is hunting and one of the members gets lost, the other lions can follow the sound of its roar to find it.
Such a roar can make a human go deaf if the lion roars near your ears.

5. They are Feared

Lions are among the most feared animals in the wild. And, being an apex predator, this means that it usually has no natural enemies. In other words, no animal hunts lions.
The only predator that dares to joke with lions is the hyena. And this is because hyenas also hunt in big groups of around 20 individuals.
Hyenas will kill and eat lion cubs if they come across them. Also, they will sometimes snatch prey from lions, which usually results in deadly fights. However, they can only do so if they outnumber the lions.
This fear factor gives lions an edge over other animals in the wild. And it ensures that they have less competition for food.
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